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Grace Lutheran School students are working hard and it shows! Through the marvelous educational system, we have been blessed with here at Grace Lutheran School, our students are learning, thriving and making our community proud! Please come and shine some well-deserved light on these students who are shining examples of not only academic success, but personal and spiritual success as well!

We are very proud that our ENTIRE MIDDLE SCHOOL CLASSES have all made the honor roll in the fall quarter!!!

Grace Lutheran School has been a stronghold in our community for over 67 years. Grace Lutheran School strives to keep Jesus in school, but not from others. We teach a Christ-centered education, in order to strengthen faith and to love and to serve church and community for the glory of God.

Principal, John Hagge, says “Our students are excited about learning and thrive greatly in their small classrooms taught by caring, extremely intelligent teachers. I think our success shows, and we feel good to be given the chance to mold these young minds into even greater young adults!”

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