Jun 26 2017

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LWML ND Mission Grant Applications Due SOON!!

Do you know of an organization who could benefit from the prayers and mites of LWML North Dakota District?

There is not much time left to apply, and the LWML ND District Mission Grants Committee is eagerly awaiting your grant application for the next biennium. Applications are due by Sept. 30, 2017 and available here.
We are looking for recipients who are Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod entities or who have Recognized Service Organization Status with the LCMS.

Our bylaws state: Ministries seeking funding should

(1) be mission in emphasis, extending the ministry of the Word;
(2) fit into the plans and projections of the LCMS;
(3) be current and ready for implementation;
(4) be on-going in nature, continuing after the grant money has been expended.

For more information contact Bonnie Krenz, Vice President of Mission Grants at missiongrants@ndlwml.org.

See the District Grant Proposal Form for more details.

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