Aug 02 2017

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Main Street Living North Update

Dear Pastors and Congregations of the Minnesota North & North Dakota Districts:


As you are aware by now, our two districts are jointly participating in a new venture called “MAIN STREET LIVING NORTH”, a locally produced TV ministry that began airing in January of this year on Sunday forenoons at 10:00 am in the eastern half of ND and northern MN.


The hour-long program includes 30 minutes of an abbreviated worship service led by the pastors of our LCMS district congregations. The service is followed by a 30-minute Sunday School style children’s portion called “Kid’s Crossing”.


The program is specifically designed for the home bound, assisted living and nursing homes, and all other individuals who are at their homes Sunday mornings. It is also our hope that some of these viewers may also be drawn to our churches through this outreach.


Financial Support Is Needed: The purchase of TV broadcast time is $925/Sunday. We believe this is well worth the cost due to the large viewing area of the four FOX affiliated stations carrying this program: (KVRR Fargo-Moorhead Channel 15.1, KBRR Thief River Falls-Grand Forks Channel 10.1, KJRR Jamestown Channel 7.1, KNRR Pembina Channel 12.1, PLUS the cable and satellite systems carrying these stations). All programs are also archived for viewing at any time online at www.mainstreetlivingnorth.com.


This program receives its financial support from three main sources: congregational budgets, members of our congregations, and other viewers. While it is our hope that an increased amount of financial support will eventually come from “viewers”, we realize that building viewership is going to take time; therefore we will need to rely on our own congregations – at least to start with.


We are therefore asking that each of our district congregations (and/or multi-site parish agreements) would prayerfully consider sponsoring the cost of at least one Sunday’s broadcast each year. Some may be able to sponsor more than one.


As of May 22nd, MSLN has received enough contributions to cover the cost of air time to broadcast only through the end of this July. We realize that 2017 budgets are already set; nevertheless, we are hopeful that some funding might be able to be found or approved to assist MSLN for this year yet, as well as for future budgets. Checks may be sent to “Main Street Living North”, 821-5th Ave. S., Fargo, ND 58103.


Sincerely in Christ,

Ken Koehler / Main Street Living North

Rev. Arie Bertsch / LCMS North Dakota District President



NOTE: Although the viewing area of this TV program covers approximately the eastern half of ND and the western half of northern Minnesota, all programs can also be viewed at www.mainstreetlivingnorth.com.

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