Aug 02 2017

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“More than Giving” INSIGHT Conference 2017

A Conference on Stewardship Sponsored by:

The LCMS Office of National Mission and DOXOLOGY:  The Lutheran Center for Spiritual Care and Counsel

September 1516, 2017 in Buffalo, MN


Consider gathering a carload of your leaders to attend the “More than Giving” INSIGHT Conference in 2017.


Led by synod’s Stewardship Director Rev. Heath Curtis and Assistant Director Rev. Nathan Meador, this conference will equip pastors and laity to think Biblically and “Lutheranly” about financial stewardship in its broader context.


Your team or committee from your church will bring home:


  1. a fresh view of the undergirding theology of stewardship
  2. a candid overview of the financial challenges facing most churches large and small
  3. a preview of quality resources available
  4. practical tools for stewardship flowing from the presence of Christ through His means of grace.


Each “More Than Giving” Insight concludes with a planning session in which each congregational team will return home, having designed a year-round stewardship action plan and strategies tailored to its own unique setting.


This conference will equip you to develop healthy stewardship lifestyles among your member households and in your congregation as a whole.


We recommend that congregations send a group of individuals which can work together on reviewing an Action Plan for Stewardship.


Who should attend?  Pastors, church administrators, Stewardship Board Members, church leaders and interested laity.

Click here for complete information and registration

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