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5.   Ordained and Commissioned Ministers (Rev. Sean Daenzer)

  • Overseeing continuing education of workers
  • Planning Reformation Events Oct 2017
  • Participating in Clergy/Lay Conf Feb 2017


6.   Youth/Young Adults (Patricia Sebastian)

  • Spring Lutheran Youth Fellowship (LYF) Retreat, Carrington for grades 8 & up
  • Summer LYF Gathering for grades 9 & up
  • Fall Middle School Gathering for grades 6 & up
  • Work with the District LYF officers as they plan and take a leadership role in events.
  • Synod Teen Leadership Training, St. Louis, MO
  • National Youth Gathering
  • Promote Synod training opportunities – Symposium and “NATIONAL”


Last Updated: 10/12/2015

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Ordained and Commissioned

Rev. Sean Daenzer Task Force Chair

Youth and Young Adults

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