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1.  Planting and Revitalizing Congregation (Rev. Matthew Richard)

  1. Set up website (do see!)
  2. Attending Synod Rural/Small Town Conf. this fall


2.  Lutheran Education (Mrs. Kristin Nistler)

  1. Watch for semi-annual family life newsletter
  2. Set up VBS Sharing Network
  3. Promotes Annual Lutheran Schools Week
  4. Planning for 2017 Year of Lutheran Education


Last Updated: 10/12/2015

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Planting and Revitalizing Congregations

Lutheran Education

Witness Lutheran Education (Mrs. Kristin Nistler) LCMS School Ministry assists, equips and uplifts school educators, district staff, and especially education executives and congregational leaders, so that through them children may be equipped as disciples of Jesus Christ. Educating our children through early childhood programs, elementary schools and high schools, the congregations of the LCMS are …

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