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May the Lord greatly bless your ministry for the sake of our precious Savior, Jesus Christ.

Congregation Map

Calls Being Considered:


Calls Accepted/Returned:




Called to Glory:


Vacancies/Calling Process:

St. John’s, Underwood and Trinity, Hazen — Rev. Brandon Woodruff, vacancy pastor
St. John’s, McClusky — Rev. Matthew Thompson, vacancy pastor
St. Peter, Belfield — Rev. Michael Wolters, vacancy pastor

Parish Agreement Updates:


Note: As of the 2010 LCMS Convention, two or more congregations being served by the same pastor is considered a dual, tri, etc parish. “Permanent Vacancies” no longer exist.

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Churches listed Alphabetically by City/Town

Adrian, Trinity – Rev. Jonathan Durkopp – 701-883-5029 P.O. Box 121, Adrian, ND 58472 Central Circuit Anamoose, St. Martin – Rev. Larry Marschner – 701-624-5341 PO Box 179, Anamoose, ND 58710 Northwest Circuit Barney, Peace – Rev. Sean Daenzer – 701-439-2429 300 Main Street, PO Box 142, Barney, ND 58008 Southeast Circuit Beach, St. Paul …

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