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May the Lord greatly bless your ministry for the sake of our precious Savior, Jesus Christ.

Congregation Map

Calls Being Considered:

Rev. Kevin Zellers(Zion, Bismarck) considering the call to Messiah, Mandan

Calls Accepted/Returned:

Rev. Dan Suelzle accepted call to serve as pastor at Wittenberg Chapel, Grand Forks

Mrs. Kathryn Jones accepted call as principal of Trinity Lone Oak, Eagan, MN



Rev. Chris Brademeyer was installed at St. John, Oakes, Sunday, July 30.

Called to Glory:


Vacancies/Calling Process:

Messiah, Mandan In self study process
St. John’s, Underwood and Trinity, Hazen — Rev. Brandon Woodruff, vacancy pastor
St. John’s, McClusky — Rev. Matthew Thompson, vacancy pastor
St. Paul, Beach — Rev. Zelwyn Heide, vacancy pastor
St. Peter, Belfield — Rev. Michael Wolters, vacancy pastor

Parish Agreement Updates:


Note: As of the 2010 LCMS Convention, two or more congregations being served by the same pastor is considered a dual, tri, etc parish. “Permanent Vacancies” no longer exist.

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Churches listed Alphabetically by City/Town

Adrian, Trinity – Rev. Jonathan Durkopp – 701-883-5029 P.O. Box 121, Adrian, ND 58472 Anamoose, St. Martin – Rev. Larry Marschner – 701-624-5341 PO Box 179, Anamoose, ND 58710 Barney, Peace – Rev. Sean Daenzer – 701-439-2429 300 Main Street, PO Box 142, Barney, ND 58008 Beach, St. Paul – VACANT – (Rev. Heide) 701-872-4700 387 S. …

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