Chili for Chile Update from St. Matthew, Hazen

Greetings in Christ to all of you. Since St. Matthew Congregation in Hazen issued the challenge, “Chili for Chile”, a few other congregations have held events and blessed our brothers and sisters in Chile with funds raised for Lutheran mission work in that country. Praise God! And thank you to all who have participated. I have been asked to give an update on what has happened at St. Matthew. Our first Chili feed was not a contest, although that sounds like a lot of fun. We just had chili and garlic sticks, some pickles, and a few other things. We were able to raise $2,877.00 for the mission work in Chile. In addition, St. Matthew members designated our Thanksgiving morning offering of 1,190 dollars to Chile as well. We were able to send a total of $3.650.00 for mission work among the people of Chile. Since that time, we held another Chile feed open to the whole community. Although not many from town attended, we were still able to raise another $445.00 to be sent soon. To God be the glory, and may He bless all our combined efforts for the sake of the church, and encouragement for our fellow Christians in Chile.

I would like to encourage all of you to have a “Chili for Chile” event or any other kind of event for mission work in any place. St. Matthew congregation plans to have a “Chilly for Chile” event this summer with an ice cream social. At both of our events held thus far, we all agreed that we had a good time with lots of laughing, visiting, and Christian friendship. We also agree that we have lots and lots of Chili left over.

God’s peace to you all,

Pastor Kirk Peters and the saints at St. Matthew Lutheran Church.

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