Chili for Chilé

Brothers and sisters of the North Dakota District,

Peace be with you. Our brothers and sisters in Chilé need our support. The Chilé mission that we have supported for years needs more than we had resolved in the District Convention due to a change in how the government in Chilé is handling and challenging the work of the Gospel of Jesus Christ by obtaining church property and restricting the Chile church’s schools. To aid the congregations of Chilé, St. Matthew Lutheran, Hazen challenges our sister congregations to a fund-raising effort, Chili for Chilé. Chilé named for Chili. Rather, Chilé comes from an Aztec Word for “Where the land ends.” If you look at a map, Chilé is a long narrow country that borders the Pacific Ocean in South America. So, the Aztec word for “where the land ends” is very descriptive. Chili is also from an Aztec word describing a type of pepper plant. This plant was unknown in Europe before Columbus brought them back from the Americas.

We will connect the two to help us remember and have a soup supper called “Chili for Chilé.” The proceeds will be sent to the North Dakota District to assist the important ministry in Chilé. (The plans are for a later event called “Chilly for Chilé,” where we host an ice cream Sunday to collect a gift for our Lutheran brothers and sisters in Chilé.) We would offer the challenge of raising 5,000 dollars through participating congregations. This matches their need, but what a blessing it would be if we were able to raise more! So start choppin’ the onions and diggin’ out the Chili recipes. May the Lord bless our efforts.

Yours in Christ, St. Matthew Lutheran Church, Hazen, ND

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