DBGR Youth Sharing a Sweet Act of Love!

Youth at Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch in Minot helping a 10-year-old girl they have never met!

On Saturday, March 4th as part of a Spiritual Life Event, youth at Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch baked and packaged over 450 caramel and frosted cinnamon rolls as a fundraiser for Jurnee Rust. Jurnee is a 4th grader from Minot who has an inoperable brain tumor and has been undergoing treatment at the Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis. One female Ranch resident said, “No matter how much I help, even if it is just packaging a few caramel rolls, I know I help.” Another shared, “[the] best thing was knowing I was helping a little girl that needs help.” Ranch staff placed orders for the rolls and generously donated toward the cause.

The Ranch youth also made beautiful and powerful posters and cards for Jurnee. Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch Chaplain, Rick Jones, shares, “The youth at Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch have been through a lot so they know what it is like to go through a struggle like this. When they see an opportunity to connect with someone else who is going through something similar, it is a powerful thing. They are so gracious and supportive. They don’t want to see anybody hurting or in pain. It was incredibly humbling to see our residents reach out with compassion and mercy to this girl that they have never met.”

This was the second of two roll sale fundraisers for Jurnee Rust. The first, in February, was led by Erin Dodd and friends at Our Savior Lutheran Church in Minot (where Jurnee and her family are members), baking and selling over 1300 rolls! Thrivent Financial generously issued a grant to get things started with the purchase of some supplies and feeding volunteers. Erin Dodd shares, “When we learned of Jurnee’s tumor, I immediately wanted to do something to help in a financial way. I am a mom of three girls and my oldest is the same age as Jurnee. So, it hits close to home. The support we have received has been overwhelming and incredibly humbling.”

Pictured Left to Right: Volunteers Erin Dodd, Betsy Jones, Chaplain Rick Jones

If you are interested in learning more about Jurnee Rust, visit her Facebook page “Healing for Jurnee”. Cards can be mailed to Jurnee:
Jurnee Rust
Ronald McDonald House
621 Oak Street
Minneapolis, MN 5541

Please pray for Jurnee’s healing!

To learn more about Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch and the work they do for at-risk youth, go to www.dakotaranch.org or call 1-800-344-0957.

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