District Financial Information – December 2018


Congregational Mission Giving                                 $65,350.54

Synodical Pledge (35%) (22,872.69)

Other Gifts 1,371.52

Total left for District Missions, Expenses $43,849.37


Local Missions and Committee Activities:  $14,790.28

  (Includes UND – Wittenberg Chapel, Life Skills & Transition Center, Deaf Ministry, Watford City)

Congregational Support 30,477.99

   (Includes General Operations, District President, Business Manager, Board of Directors)

Current gifts given for these missions (4,515.65)

International Missions

Christ’s Care for Children – Kenya ($10,000) 0.00

Chile Mission ($25,000) 0.00

   (These missions were voted on by the District Convention.  They will be paid quarterly as funds are available)

Net Expenses $40,752.62


YTD NET LOSS ($81,459.70)

Funds Given in the Past used for Current Expenses $.00

Current mission giving does not allow for any additional payment of the international missions adopted at convention.  Gifts from congregations and individuals designated for these specific missions are sent on at the end of each         fiscal quarter. Those amounts are not included in income or expense totals. YTD designated gifts for international missions as of December 31:

             Christ’s Care for Children – Kenya $10,936.71

     Chile Mission $4,171.35

For a more detailed look into December’s finances, please contact Tami Ulland, Business Manager at 701-293-9001  or lcms.nd.busman@gmail.com.

You are invited to donate to any of our special missions at any time by mailing a check to: ND District, PO Box 9029, Fargo, ND 58106. 

Thank you for your support.

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