District Pew Message and Financials – October 2018

Greetings and blessings to you in our risen Lord Jesus!

Missions are found in the heart of God.  Mission begins with the beating of God’s heart, because it is who God is.  God’s  desire is for “all people to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth” (1 Tim. 2:4).  In His mercy and wisdom, God has called you, His children, to participate in His mission.  The mission is never ours, it belongs to God alone (Rev. 7:10).

Join us at the Faith in Action Mercy Conference, on October 27, at Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch, 7151 15th St. S.,  Fargo. Hear what Synod President Matthew    Harrison, who truly has a heart for mission, has to say about mercy work in your congregation.

Congregation’s Status

  • Zion, Gwinner: Rev. Aaron Filipek, Newton, KS. has accepted the call (served by Rev. Aaron Hambleton).
  • St. John’s, Underwood/Trinity, Rural Hazen: has extended a call to Rev. Nathan Schieber, Frankfort, IL. (served by Rev. Brandon Woodruff, Rev. Russell Fitch and Rev. Kirk Peters).
  • St. Andrew, Niagara/Grace, Lakota/St. Peter, Devils Lake: Rev. Michael Suelzle has accepted the call (installation will be October 14).
  • St. Peter’s, Sawyer: in vacancy (served by Rev. Tim Stout).
  • St. Mark’s, Minot, in vacancy and they have a call list (served by Rev. Tim Stout).
  • Our Savior’s, Minot: in vacancy (served by Intentional Interim Minister, Rev. Richard Davis).
  • Trinity, Tolley: in vacancy (served by Rev. Joel Brandvold).
  • Zion, Claire City: in vacancy.
  • St. John, Hillsboro and Trinity, Hope: in vacancy (served by Rev. Leo Deitemeyer and Rev. Dan Suelzle).
  • St. John, Belford and Immanuel, Hankinson: in vacancy (served by Rev. Pat  O’Brien and Rev. Sean Daenzer).


  • Rev. Mike Giddings has received and is considering a call to Mount Calvary in Redfield, MN.

Your servant in Christ,
ND District President

Rev. Arie Bertsch

Financial Information — September 2018


Congregational Mission Giving $63,114.19
Synodical Pledge (35%) (22,089.97)
Other Gifts 1220.95
Total left for District Missions, Expenses $42,245.17


Local Missions and Committee Activities: $15,650.60
(Includes UND – Wittenberg Chapel, Life Skills &
Transition Center, Deaf Ministry, Watford City)
Congregational Support 32,551.20
(Includes General Operations, District President,
Business Manager, Board of Directors)
Current gifts given for these missions (3,878.91)
International Missions
Christ’s Care for Children – Kenya 0.00
Chile Mission 0.00
(These missions were voted on by the District Convention.
They will be paid quarterly as funds are available)
Net Expenses $44,322.89

NET LOSS FOR SEPTEMBER 2018 ($2,077.72)
YTD NET LOSS ($84,278.08)

Funds Given in the Past used for Current Expenses $2,896.41

Current mission giving does not allow for any additional payment of the international missions adopted at convention. Gifts from congregations and individuals designated for these specific missions are sent on at the end of each fiscal quarter. Those amounts are not included in income or expense totals.

For a more detailed look into September’s finances, please contact Tami Ulland, Business Manager at 701-293-9001 or lcms.nd.busman@gmail.com.

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