Higher Things Retreat

When we hear the word ‘idolatry,’ it’s easy to imagine primitive people bowing down to gods made of carved stone. But we’d be naive to think that idolatry only happened with primitive people long ago. What are the idols of America? What are your idols? Ask yourself “What do I find security in, and what do I boast about and defend the most?” The answers – those are your idols – anything from money, sports, fame, even ourselves.

Maybe you think that idols aren’t that big of a deal. Join us at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Minot, ND as Rev. Justin Woodside (Assisting Pastor of Bethel and Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Churches in Bismarck) helps us understand why idols cannot love us, pursue us, or bleed for us. They cannot protect us from the grave. Only Christ can – that’s a big deal.

Registration is open! Go to: https://leader.higherthings.org/events/retreats/

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