Higher Things Retreats

Two local youth retreats are planned for 2019. These retreats are being organized by a dozen North Dakota pastors, as well as many lay leaders and musicians. The two retreats are being held March 29–30 at Zion Lutheran Church in Gwinner and St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Minot. The retreat in Gwinner will focus on the “Great Commission” with Pastor Dan Voth as the plenary speaker. The retreat in Minot will focus on “Slaying the Monster of Uncertainty: Assurance in an Age of Uncertainty” with Pastor Matt Richard as the plenary speaker. The cost of the retreat is $50, which covers all expenses, including classes, food, activities, and lodging at the church. We encourage you to check out the retreat PDFs below.

Any further questions about the retreats can be directed to Tana McKenna–the Higher Things Retreat Coordinator—or the retreat contacts at St. Paul’s (Pr. Richard 701.852.2821) or Zion Lutheran (Pr. Filipek 701.680.3837). Thank you for your continued interest and desire to raise our youth in the Lutheran confession and Church.

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