Hope in Troubling times – Project 24

During the troubling times last year, it was easy for the Project 24 students and extended family members to become discouraged and less hopeful. It was therefore so important that they were able to receive the promise of God’s Word in addition to the food and provisions that were delivered each month. Many of the children’s extended families and caregivers had never heard His Word. As our partner church, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Kenya worked to deliver the food and provisions each month; they could also begin to form relationships with these extended family members. These Lutheran pastors, evangelists, and deaconesses would often stay after the deliveries were made and use the time to deliver the Good News to those that were there!

They would pray together, read from the Bible together, and learn about God’s saving grace together. Even through the hardships, God’s love continued to be shared!

For more information about Project 24 or to learn about sponsoring a student through Christ’s Care for Children: Kenya, please contact Jennifer Hummel at 314-996-1326 or jennifer.hummel@lcms.org

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