Lutherans For Life 2023 Essay Contest

Sponsored by the Council of Federation Presidents
For Students in Grades 6 through 12
Any student in a Lutheran school or Lutheran congregation, e.g., confirmation class or
youth group, when validated by a pastor or teacher, is eligible. Students may also enter
through a Lutheran homeschool when validated by their Lutheran pastor.
Contest Guidelines
Students will write a life-affirming essay based on the theme: Just As … I Am with the Bible verse: “For we are
his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we
should walk in them.” Ephesians 2:10

  1. Not incorporating the theme and verse in the essay will disqualify the entry.
  2. Examples of topics the essay could deal with are, but are not limited to abortion, the handicapped, adoption or foster
    care, infanticide, cloning, stem cell research, physician assisted suicide or euthanasia etc.
  3. Essays should include student’s name, grade (school or church), and email address. All entries submitted by a
    teacher or pastor, should include their name and email address. This information should be submitted on the rubric
    page used in grading the essay.
  4. All sources for references, statistics and quotes should be incorporated within the essay and then included in a
    bibliography at the end.
    Grades 6 – 8 should submit essays up to 400 words
    Grades 9 – 12 should submit essays up to 750 words
    Entries should be submitted digitally using Microsoft Word or Google Docs to the state contact person in the state
    you reside. If your state has a Federation, please contact the Federation President from the link below. If there is not
    a Federation in your state, please send your essay to appropriate person listed below the State Federation listings by
    April 1, 2023.
  5. There will be a $100 first place award and $50 second place award for each of the two categories in the Federation
    states, Minnesota, and Texas. All remaining states will be combined into a Non-Federation category, and two winners
    will be selected from the combined states. All winning entries in this first round will advance to the national contest.
  6. Grand prize for the national winning entries in each category is $250 for first place plus free conference registration
    to the 2023 Lutherans For Life conference and one night stay at the conference hotel. $125 for the second-place
  7. All entries become the property of Lutherans For Life.
  8. For questions or resources on the sanctity of life, see
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