Main Street Living Media Ministry – October Update

ELECTION DAY WILL SOON BE HERE, and because God has established Civil Government for the good of our fallen world (see Romans 13), it is very important that we as Christians actively participate in the structure of government under which we live. Therefore, we are to work for laws and elect civil representatives that will best represent God’s revealed will and the good of our neighbor. While there are hundreds of issues to consider, let us remember that a person needs to be alive to enjoy any of the benefits of civil government’s laws and provisions. Therefore, the sanctity of human life naturally rises to the top of issues – both from a biblical view and as declared in the Declaration of Independence, which rightly lists “life” first among the unalienable rights endowed by our Creator! We, therefore, have a high responsibility to know the positions held by the various candidates for civil government before we vote. Let us do our homework carefully.

Please continue to share information about our LCMS “Main Street Living” media ministry with others. In addition to being broadcast each Sunday morning, you can view archived programs anytime at – then click on the link under the picture identified as “Fargo.”

Thank you for your needed financial support! Checks may be sent to “Main Street Living NORTH,” 821-5th Ave S, Fargo, ND 58103, or donate by Credit Card or your PayPal account on the website. God’s blessing in Christ!    

-Ken Koehler / MSL North Volunteer Coordinator

MSL North” Programs for October 2022:

October 2:  Rev. Brett Hartwig, Trinity Lutheran Church, Sabin, MN, presents the message: “Increase Our Faith” based on Luke 17:1-10. This Is The Life” program: “The Sound of Closing Doors” – A man in mid-life crisis and the effect it has on his family.

October 9:  Rev. Rick Jones, Dakota Boys & Girls Ranch, Minot, ND, presents the message: “Word Unbound, Life Unbroken” based on 2 Timothy 2:1-13. “This Is The Life” program: “Tina” – Two lonely people, a woman, and a child, come together through Jesus.

October 16:  Rev. Arie Bertsch, ND District President, presents the message: (to be announced). “This Is The Life” program: “Look to the Mountain” – A hopeless situation becomes more hopeless when a down-and-out man kidnaps a young girl for ransom money.

October 23:  Rev. Brian Doel, Our Savior Lutheran Church, Minot, ND, presents the message: (to be announced) based on Luke 18:9-17. “This Is The Life program: “Home Free” – A family learns the real meaning of love and that it comes free.

October 30:  Rev. Mark Moss, Lutheran Heritage Foundation, presents a Reformation message: “Hang in there, baby!” based on John 8:31-36. “This Is The Life program: “The Sexton” – A pastor and a sexton (church caretaker) with magical powers fight an eerie duel in a church.

“MAIN STREET LIVING” is a locally produced TV program that includes a 30-minute worship service led by participating pastors of the Minnesota North and North Dakota Districts of our LCMS, along with a 30-minute Lutheran Hour program (usually “This Is The Life,” along with occasional church-season specials).

Programs are broadcast starting at 9:00 am Central time on the following FOX stations:

Fargo-Moorhead:                                KVRR Channel 15.1

Thief River Falls-Grand Forks           KBRR Channel 10.1

Jamestown                                          KJRR Channel 7.1

Pembina                                              KNRR Channel 12.1

Programs are broadcast starting at 10:00 am Central Time / 9:00 am Mountain time on the following WDAY XTRA Channels:

Fargo-Moorhead                                 WDAY Xtra Channel 6.3

Grand Forks                                        WDAZ Xtra Channel 8.3

Bismarck/Dickinson                            KBMY Xtra Channel 17.3

Minot/Williston                                   KMCY Xtra Channel 14.3

Please check your cable and satellite providers for the corresponding channel on your system. MSLN programs are archived for one year and can be viewed at any time on, then click on “(Fargo).”

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