Main Street Living Media Ministry Update July 2020

IN THE WAKE of the death of George Floyd, we hear many reasons as to what is wrong with our society and how to fix it. Why such hate, racism, and even murder – and not only here in America but all around the world, and throughout all of history? Where is this all coming from? There is no need for speculation here as God’s revealed Word provides the answer: “For out of the heart come evil thoughts, murder, adultery, sexual immorality, theft, false witness, slander.” (Matthew 15:19)  

While there is much that we can do to help make practical and preventive reforms where needed, what is most needed is a change in the attitude of the heart and mind. Again, God’s revealed Word informs us how this transformation takes place – that being as His Holy Spirit works to make our hearts and minds new in relationship to Christ!

Please continue to share information about our LCMS “Main Street Living” media ministry with others. In addition to being broadcast each Sunday morning, you can view all archived programs anytime at  

Thank you for your much-needed financial support! Checks may be sent to “Main Street Living NORTH,” 821-5th Ave S, Fargo, ND 58103, or donate by Credit Card or your PayPal account on the website.

God’s blessing in Christ!     -Ken Koehler / MSL North Volunteer Coordinator

Main Street Living North” Programs for July 2020:

July 5:    Rev. Brian Shane, Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church, Fargo, ND, presents the message: “Yoked to Christ by the Mighty Works of God,” based on Matthew 11:25-30. This Is The Life program is: “The Reluctant Witness.” An angler’s well-planned fishing trip is interrupted when he becomes a witness to crime and struggles with the aftermath.

July 12:   Rev. Matthew Meyer, Beautiful Savior, Callaway, MN, presents the message: “Sowing the Seed In Season,” based on Isaiah 55:10-13. This is The Life program is: “Harriett’s Wedding Day.” The storm precedes the calm when a groom nearly cancels wedding plans due to the fear of the unknown.

July 19:   Rev. Robert Hill, St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Wimbledon, ND, Redeemer Lutheran Church, Woodworth, ND, and Our Savior Lutheran Church, Pettibone, ND, presents the message: “The Good Seed,” based on Matthew 13:38. This Is The Life program is: “Tragedy Near a Small Town-Justice or Mercy?” Tragedy in a small town results in a loving father holding a grudge rather than forgiving as our Father has forgiven us.

July 26:   Rev. Ross Fritz, Grace Lutheran Church, Breckenridge, MN, presents the message: The Fantastic Non-Fictional Fable of the Foolish Farmer Who Wouldn’t Whack His Weeds,based on Matthew 13:44-52. This Is The Life program is Spite.” Negative emotions and grudges are destructive, but forgiveness allows people to move forward.

“MAIN STREET LIVING” is a locally-produced TV program that includes a 30-minute worship service led by participating pastors of the Minnesota North and North Dakota Districts of our LCMS, along with a 30-minute Lutheran Hour program (typically This Is The Life, along with occasional church-season specials).  

Programs are broadcast starting at 9:00 am Central time on the following FOX stations:

Fargo-Moorhead:                                KVRR Channel 15.1

            Thief River Falls-Grand Forks           KBRR Channel 10.1

            Jamestown                                          KJRR Channel 7.1

            Pembina                                              KNRR Channel 12.1

Programs are broadcast starting at 10:00 am Central Time / 9:00 am Mountain time on the following WDAY XTRA Channels:

            Fargo-Moorhead                                 WDAY Xtra Channel 6.3

Grand Forks                                        WDAZ Xtra Channel 8.3

            Bismarck/Dickinson                            KBMY Xtra Channel 17.3

            Minot/Williston                                   KMCY Xtra Channel 14.3

Please check your cable and satellite providers for the corresponding channel on your system. MSLN programs are also archived for one year and can be viewed at any time on

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