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HAVE YOU been watching the “This Is The Life” programs along with the MSL Divine Services each Sunday? As our LCMS President Matthew Harrison states during his introduction of these programs, though they were recorded in the 1960s and 70s, the subject matter is still very relevant! I look forward to watching each week’s episode – and often find my emotions welling up as the storyline develops. These critically acclaimed dramas still do a fantastic job of “bringing Christ to the nations”!

  Although many congregations have either started meeting face to face again – or are discussing doing so soon – there are likely those within our viewing area who will still be staying close to home. Therefore, this remains an excellent time to make a list of friends and neighbors to check with whom may not yet know about the TV and internet ministry of MAIN STREET LIVING! In addition to being broadcast each Sunday morning, you can view all archived programs at any time for a year at God’s blessing in Christ!    

-Ken Koehler / MSL North Volunteer Coordinator

“Main Street Living North” Programs for June 2020:

June 7th: Rev. Jared Nies, St. John’s Lutheran Church – Corliss, MN, presents the message: “In the beginning, God … Who Is That?” based on Genesis 1:1-2:4a. This Is The Life program is “Give and Take” – A young Christian advertising agency representative navigates a situation with an overly attentive married man.

June 14th: Rev. Craig Fenske, Immanuel Lutheran Church, Grand Forks, ND, presents the message: “What Jesus Sees in Us,” based on Matthew 9:35–10:20. This is The Life program is: “No Tears for Bill” – A widow struggles with her past and upcoming marriage.

June 21st: Rev. Eli Voigt, Redeemer Evangelical Lutheran Church, Bagley, MN, presents the message: “God of Joy” based on Hebrews 12:2. This Is The Life program is: “Two Weeks to Eternity.”

June 28th: Rev. Thomas Clark, Immanuel Lutheran Church, Hankinson, ND & St. John’s Lutheran Church, Belford, ND, presents the message: “The Cost of Peace,” based on Matthew 10:34-42. This Is The Life program is: “The House of Sand.” This classic Fisher Family episode explores the difference between a moral and Christian life.

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