Main Street Living North Media Ministry – May 2022

EYEWITNESS TESTIMONY is of course the strongest of testimonies! The New Testament Church grew as the Holy Spirit used the eyewitness testimonies of those who had SEEN JESUS ALIVE after having personally seen him crucified and dead. This is what motived the disciples and apostles to preach the resurrection of Jesus – even to their own imprisonment and death! And so, we too have the privilege and responsibility to pass along these testimonies of Jesus’ death and resurrection – for the forgiveness of our sins and the salvation of our souls!

-Ken Koehler, Volunteer Coordinator

“Main Street Living North” Programs for May 2022:

May 1st: Rev. Thomas Marcis, Zion Lutheran Church, Bismarck, ND, presents the message: “Fishing With Jesus,” based on John 21:1-3. “This Is The Life” program: “No Place to Hide” – A pastor, who has to face the death of his wife, cannot find comfort.

May 8th: Rev. Zelwyn Heide, St. Peter Lutheran Church, Hannover, ND, and Zion Lutheran Church, New Salem, ND, presents the message: “Sheep Listen to the Shepherd,” based on John 10:22-30. This Is The Life” program: “Dead Wrong” – Because of frustration with his life, a man turns to drinking and another woman.

May 15th: Vicar Aidan Moon, Zion Lutheran Church, Bismarck, ND, presents the message: “Joy Comes in the Morning,” based on John 16:12-22. “This Is The Life” program: “The Main Event” – A boxer who is hit by a car becomes embittered until he meets a cheerful 8-year-old girl.

May 22nd: Rev. Lester Wolfgram, Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church, Bismarck, ND, presents the message: “Keys To The Throne Room,” based on John 16:23-24. “This Is The Life program: “The Prisoners” – An elderly woman is attacked by a teenage gang.

May 29th: Rev. Jonathan Walla, Bethel Lutheran Church, Bismarck, ND, presents the message: “A Prayer for Unity,” based on John 17:20-26. “This Is The Life” program: “A Dream of His Own” – A father and son are at odds when the construction company will evict an Indian family.

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