Messiah, Mandan Joins St. Paul’s, Minot to get work done at Shepherd’s Hill at the Crossroads

–And issues a Challenge to other congregations to help too!

We are super excited about the Shepherd’s Hill Work Weekend this summer! What is this Work Weekend, though?

Last year, St. Paul’s, Minot took around 40-50 volunteers to Shepherd’s Hill to tackle many projects. Using Thrivent Dollars and Special Funds from St. Paul’s, plus manual labor from the volunteers, we shingled a cabin, trimmed trees, painted, etc. We estimate that it was a $25,000 equity improvement to the camp with all the labor and supplies in just three days.

Messiah, Mandan also brought a group up to finish some projects last year and are poised to bring more people along to get even more done this year.

This year St. Paul’s, Minot and Messiah, Mandan are planning to do the same thing but would LOVE to have more churches involved. St. Paul’s has set up a special page on their website for project details and ways to get registered.

Messiah, Mandan will be bringing their group up on June 10-12.

Either of these congregation groups would love for you to join them! Or Let Rev. Jon Bonine know that you would like to set up a date for your group. ( | 701-244-5225 | 701-389-9033)

Our goal is for this not to be a huge burden to the camp but for us to come in, work hard, make improvements, and then clean up.

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