New Book! Life in Christ – Rooted, Woven & Grafted into God’s Story

Pastor Adam Filipek (of Holy Cross and Immanuel, Lidgerwood) has written a book that is now available for pre-order. If you are a Christian, this book will help you understand the Bible, the Sunday Church service, and the Christian life and faith more clearly and firmly. If you are a pastor, this book will also help you to teach your congregation the basics of the Christian faith and life in your confirmation and adult instruction classes.

Here are a few reviews:

Dr. Carl C. Fickenscher said, “It’s a clever idea—really!—to tell God’s story from creation to the eternal joy of the resurrection, interweaving our own personal stories from Baptism through our funerals and beyond. It’s invariably the story of Christ, but we always read ourselves right in it. Dr. Filipek’s style is constantly speaking directly to the reader, a very inviting way to catechize those entirely new to the faith. The six chief parts and Lutheran worship (even closed communion) are presented in their biblical contexts.”

Rev. William Weedon said, “I have a friend who does drone photography. With a bird’s-eye view, what you thought you knew intimately unfolds in wonder from a wider, higher perspective. Dr. Filipek’s new book, Life in Christ: Rooted, Woven, and Grafted into God’s Story, grants readers such an experience with the sacred Scriptures. Rather than “losing the forest for the trees,” this work enables readers to glimpse the grand sweep of the greatest story ever told. They’ll walk away marveling at how it centers on Jesus from the beginning and connects to us right here in our own world.”

For more details or to pre-order go to: (Amazon link)

This book will also be available directly from Concordia Publishing House ( in a few months.

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