Special visitors to Project 24 – Tumaini

Several LCMS members were privileged to visit Kenya from Feb. 19-March 3. The Wurl team consisted of North Dakotans Bob Wurl, Roger Weinlaeder, and Tami Ulland; Arizonans Ken and Bonnie Weinlaeder; Minnesotan Lyndon Johnson and were accompanied by LCMS Field Office staff as they visited all eight P24 sites. Students at each site were presented with P24 bookmarks and pins, a volleyball, soccer balls, and a pump!

Highlights included visiting the head office of the ELCK and learning about the structure of the ELCK. Afterward, they flew to Kisumu and headed to Tumaini where they met up with P24 director John Kissinger and were welcomed by Site Manager Hezbon and all of the girls coming home from school. In 2015, Bill Sharpe was present for the official opening of this facility. In 2017, Roger and Bob planted trees at the site. The dorms are labeled Dakota and Minnesota to represent the big part the North Dakota and Minnesota North districts had in building the facility. Roger presented ‘footballs’ and Bob shared P24 pins and bookmarks with all of the girls.

Sunday they attended worship at Neema Lutheran College in Matongo where the Seminary is. Missionaries Rev. Vance and Linda Becker from Minnesota are serving here. They planted trees in honor of Rev. Bernie Seter who was so involved with the start of P24.

It was a whirlwind tour for all. Tami, Bob, and Roger would love to share more with your congregations. Just give Tami a call at 701-360-1469.

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