Ysleta Mission Trip to Mexico

From February 26th through March 2nd, a group of 11 members from Our Savior Lutheran Church in Minot, traveled to Juarez, Mexico for a mission trip. Together with Ysleta Lutheran Mission out of El Paso, TX, they built two 12X24 foot homes for local families in great need! Everything was funded by Mission Team fundraisers throughout the year. Hear from some of the people that have gone on the mission trip about the impact it has had on their lives…

“To be humbled is a gift in and of itself; going to Juarez and seeing the state and way of life will humble you to your core. These are people with smiles on their faces and joy in their hearts, and by our ‘standards’ they have nothing. At the end of the week, you are given so much more by these people than you give. We may have given a home, but they gave us the gift of love, the gift of faith, and the gift of perspective.”

Matt Geinert, first-time attendee, shares this about his experience

“The lack of simple comforts like running water, heat, or even a solid floor make Americans think of the settlers on the wild frontier. The families of the shantytowns of Anapra or k30 survive in little more than pallets covered in cardboard.  A spliced extension cord overloaded with the lights of 4 or 5 neighbors. Hungry dogs littered with ticks and burrs run wild. This place exists just past the Mexican/American Border, but it may just as well be halfway around the world.  In the middle of it all a salesman, a trucker, a retiree, couple of high schoolers, and an oilfield worker come together joined by the same faith and compassion. This is where you see your faith grow.  Together for 5 days we wrestle to build what to us would be a large shed with power.  The families watch as it takes shape. The team and families crowd into the dwelling for a few songs and prayers.  A small cross is hung over the threshold. Now it hits me, and I am humbled. This isn’t a shed or a house. This is a Home. A warm safe place to raise a family, to share memories and laughs. The structure is the physical gift. But the emotional, spiritual gift is so much more.”

Ryan Schaan, After going on the mission trip for the last 3 years

“Our team prayed together daily that the Lord Jesus would make us useful in the work of His kingdom. And He was faithful, as always.  The people became so important to us in such a short period of time. Their faith and ours was strengthened as we built not only two homes, but Christ-filled relationships. It’s difficult to leave at the end of a week, but we entrust them to the Lord and that He will continue the “building” that we began in His name.”

Six-year veteran, Bonnie Rennich

A little becomes A LOT when Jesus is in it! Though sponsored by Our Savior Lutheran Church, this yearly mission trip is open to anyone in the district. Feel free to contact the congregation at 701-852-6404 for more details on this amazing opportunity to spread God’s love with others!

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