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Is there something you want to be published in the eNews and/or Please send your submissions to our Communications Manager, Marie, at
The eNews is sent out on or around the first week of every month to people all around our District and beyond.

We’d be more than happy to share information like…

  • A congregational event, celebration, or milestone(including photos!)
  • A family event of one of our called workers (marriage of children, child’s graduation or military service, the death of a loved one, etc)
  • A special speaker at your congregation and you want the members of the district invited to join with you.
  • A historical tidbit about your congregation
  • An event or announcement from your District’s task force, committee, auxiliary, or circuit
  • Well, you get the idea…

While you may think the district office knows all this stuff, we probably don’t, and we need you to tell us!




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