Convention 2022

January 24-26, 2022

Ramada Hotel, 3333 13th Ave S, Fargo, ND 58103

Convention Summary

Facebook Live videos are linked here. Videos are able to be viewed even without a Facebook account.

Opening Worship

District President report, Board of directors report, greetings from Lutheran Family Services and LCMS Minnesota North District President Rev. Fondow.

Essay: Part 1 on “Hymnody” – Rev. Dr. Vieker

^Sorry for the poor sound quality.

Proposed Resolutions: Life Together

Vespers at the end of Day 1 (1-24-2022)

Grace Lutheran School Choir

Matins to begin Day 2 (1-25-2022)

LCMS ND Convention 1-25-2022 – Essay: Part 2 on Hymnody with Rev. Dr. Vieker, updates from Campus Ministries, Greetings from LCMS third vice president Rev. Nabil Nour, Update about Local Mercy Care

Together in the Word: “Rejoicing in Witness” Rev. Steve Schulz, and Presentation: Mercy Proposed Resolutions.

Together in the Word: “Rejoicing in the Lord” – Rev. Kirk Peters

Witness Proposed Resolutions

Greetings from Lutheran Heritage Fund and Vespers to end day 2

Matins to begin Day 3 (1-26-2022)

Installation of District President, Vice Presidents, Circuit Visitors, and Board of Directors, Together in the Word: “Rejoicing in Mercy” – Rev. Rick Jones

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