Convention 2018

District Convention 2018 – Unity in Christ

Ephesians 4:1-16

January 21-24, 2018 – Astoria Convention Center, Dickinson, ND

***Some of the convention videos are available on our Facebook page (***

The offering at the opening worship service brought in $17,509.64 Plus the gifts sent into the district office, and we have gathered a total of $19,570.65. Your faithful offering will support God’s continued work at Wittenberg Chapel, Grand Forks. Praise be to God!

A DVD of the Bible Studies and Essays will be available soon! Please contact Marie ( for more information or to get your name on the list for a copy.

Election Results:

District President Rev. Arie Bertsch
1st Vice President Rev. Kirk Peters (West)
2nd Vice President Rev. Steve Schulz (East)

Board of Directors

Secretary Rev. Joshua Reimche
Treasurer Leon Bladow
Rev. Adam Moline
Rev. Tom Marcis (Chairman)
Mr. John Riley (Vice Chairman)
Mr. Paul Huber
Ms. Kay Kreklau
Mr. Robert Leubke
Mr. Kirk Rosin

District Nominating Committee

Rev. Dr. Matthew Richard
Mr. Robert Wurl
Mr. Bob Bauer
Mr. Greg Nelson
Ms. Sue Corwin
Rev. Clark Jahnke

Synod Nominations Committee

Rev. Joshua Reimche
Alternate: Rev. Adam Moline

Circuit Visitors (ratified the vote from the circuit caucuses)

Central Circuit: Rev. Paul Preus
Eastern Circuit: Rev. Leo Deitemeyer
Northeast Circuit: Rev. Scott Ramey
Northwest Circuit: Rev. Daryl Rothchild
Southeast Circuit: Rev. Sean Daenzer
Southwest Circuit: Rev. Russell Fitch

Convention Documents

Keynote Essay: De Ceremoniis Ecclesiasticis “On Church Usages or Ceremonies, Sometimes called Mitteldinge or Adiaphora written by Dr. Lawrence R. Rast, Jr. and presented at the LCMS North Dakota District Convention:
Presentation Slides
**Coming soon!** Written form of the Essay
To get a DVD copy of the Essay and Bible Studies, contact Marie at

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