District President

Rev. Arie D. Bertsch

1010 72nd St. SE
Minot, ND 58701

Phone: 701-720-2232
E-mail: LCMS.ND.DP@outlook.com
Visit the District Staff page or the Board of Directors page for more information about the other District staff.

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President’s Blog

The Holy Trinity Seven little children dressed in green; Tried to fly to heaven in a flying machine; The flying machine busted and all of them fell; And instead of going to heaven they all went to …; Now don’t get excited and don’t get misled; Instead of going to heaven, they all went to …

Board of Directors

Board of Directors District President – Rev. Arie Bertsch Business Manager – Tami Ulland Chairman of the Board – Rev. Tom Marcis Vice-Chairman – Mr. John Riley 1st Vice President(West Region) – Rev. Kirk Peters 2nd Vice President(East Region) – Rev. Steve Schulz Secretary – Rev. Josh Reimche Treasurer – Mr. Leon Bladow Members at …

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