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Main Street Living Media Ministry – October 2020

WHAT IS THE ANSWER?! Night after night, there are riots in the streets of America. As I write this article, looting and burning in at least one of our cities for over 100 consecutive nights. WHAT IS THE ANSWER?! Americans are blaming and hating other Americans! WHAT IS THE ANSWER?! While there are differing views …

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Main Street Living Media Ministry – September 2020 Update

WHAT AN IMPORTANT THING it is that we may sometimes take for granted! I am referring to the study, and prayer, and effort, and time that our pastors put in week after week (and several times a week during certain times of the church year) to craft a sermon message for us! As I prepare …

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Main Street Living Media Ministry – August 2020

JUST WHAT IS A CHRISTIAN? And, how does being one really differ from the other religions and moral codes of the world? This is the question that Mr. Brownly is struggling with – and which was keeping him from openly sharing his faith with others. My guess is that many within our churches will be …

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Main Street Living Media Ministry Update July 2020

IN THE WAKE of the death of George Floyd, we hear many reasons as to what is wrong with our society and how to fix it. Why such hate, racism, and even murder – and not only here in America but all around the world, and throughout all of history? Where is this all coming …

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Seven Ways to Help a Friend or Loved One Through a Challenging Time

Mental health is essential to overall health and well-being and mental illnesses can be treated. One in five people, including adults and children, experiences a mental illness in any given year. Those problems can contribute to the onset of more serious long-term conditions such as major depression, bipolar disorder, or schizophrenia. Approximately one-half of chronic …

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No Better Story

by Dr. Mike Rodewald, Executive Director, Lutheran Bible Translators My wife and I visited Liberia in March. This was just before the COVID-19 virus was making its impact known on travel. The purpose was to attend the dedication of yet another New Testament – the Gola language community celebrating the Bible in their hands in …

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Orphan Grain Train sends shipment to Moldova

“On Monday, May 18th, various volunteers at the Orphan Grain Train warehouse in Jamestown, ND, helped load a shipment of clothing, bibles, books and medical supplies which will be sent to Moldova.  Praise the Lord!”

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Main Street Living Media Ministry

HAVE YOU been watching the “This Is The Life” programs along with the MSL Divine Services each Sunday? As our LCMS President Matthew Harrison states during his introduction of these programs, though they were recorded in the 1960s and 70s, the subject matter is still very relevant! I look forward to watching each week’s episode …

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