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January 17-18, 2020 Shepherd’s Hill at the Crossroads, St. John, ND Man Up! Presenter: Rev. Jeffrey Hemmer, Bethany Evangelical Lutheran Church, Fairview Heights, Illinois Rev. Jeffery Hemmer is the husband of (in his opinion) the best woman in the world; the father of six delightful children (when they’re delightful); the pastor of Bethany Evangelical Lutheran …

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Higher Things Conference and Retreats 2020

It’s that time of year already – time to get registered for another great Higher Things Conference! Groups are going two different directions this summer – one to Colorado (June 29-July 2) and one to Michigan (July 21-24). There is group transportation being arranged for both locations, along with some fun events along the way!  …

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Is There Hope in the Midst of Addictions?

DEALING WITH ADDICTIONS IN RURAL AND SMALL-TOWN AREAS Once in a private counseling session with an addict, he said to me in tears, “I stole $12,000 from my parents, and I would walk the streets to see which house I could break into and steal money or goods in order to buy my next fix. …

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Pre-Lent Retreat Preparation

LCMS North Dakota District January 6-7, 2020 At Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran, Bismarck, ND A Lenten Series on… Hebrews 11 Presenter:  Rev. Bernie Worral Remember:Ash Wednesday is February 26, 2020 Easter is April 12, 2020                               Time to Rest, Reflect, and Re-create. Our time together will be worth .9 Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) …

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Main Street Living Ministry Update – November

Thanksgiving! As it’s been a while, I’d like to briefly mention those who specifically do the work of getting our MAIN STREET LIVING programs on the air. First, we thank the pastors of our Minnesota North & North Dakota LCMS congregations for taking the extra time and effort to have their services ready several months …

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From Chaos to Calm: Horse-inspired Healing

If you’d see fourteen-year-old Jackson* in a lighter moment, you’d see he loves a good joke and is quick to laugh. But he came to Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch recently because he had great difficulty managing his behavior, and especially, his anger. He also had significant problems staying focused and functioning well in school. …

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Moving Beyond Survival: DOXOLOGY and Your Church’s Future

 Boom and bust have been the cycle of farmers for generations, as well as businesses in small towns that depend on farm customers. But lately it’s been mostly “bust” and very little “boom.” Plummeting commodity prices, rising expenses, and international trade wars have all taken their toll on those who live and work in America’s …

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Main Street Living Ministry Update – October

    It’s hard to believe that 18 years have gone by since the Twin Towers in New York City were destroyed. As I write this newsletter article on “9-11” of 2019, all of the news programs are remembering the horrific actions flowing from mankind’s sinful hearts which killed and injured so many people! Holy Scripture …

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