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Congratulations candidates, vicars

Call Day 2020 was one for the record books. Everything was different, yet still the same. The Word of God was preached, hymns were sung, vicarages and deaconess internships were assigned, pastoral candidates were given their first calls. Each of the two seminaries had their own way of making the virtual service work. Concordia Seminary, …

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Main Street Living Media Ministry – May Update

“Coronavirus” and “COVID-19” are likely the two most often heard words during the past month or two! My hope is that you and your loved ones have been and will continue to be spared from this pandemic. Perhaps these times have already or will provide special opportunities to minister to others in the name of …

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Almost overnight, COVID-19 has radically changed life as we know it . . . across the nation, worldwide, and now, here at Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch.

But one thing hasn’t changed:  the need for a very special place where vulnerable children can find healing, hope, and shelter from the storms of life. First, please know we’re praying that you and your loved ones are safe.  Our kids know that you make their treatment and education possible.  They’re truly grateful. Most important …

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Main Street Living Media Ministry – April 2020

YOU AND I HAVE the most crucial message in the world! That message is that our Creator God loves us so much that He left the splendor of heaven to come down to earth and redeem His fallen creation, including each person reading this article, and every person watching any an episode of MAIN STREET …

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Main Street Living Media Ministry – March 2020 Update

AS I WRITE this article on February 10th, the Coronavirus epidemic continues to capture the headlines, the recent wide fires in Australia are still somewhat fresh in our minds, and the nightly news is a constant reminder that we are indeed living in a fallen, broken world. In the last two weeks, I’ve attended the …

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Disaster Response in Rural and Small-Town Areas

Greetings! My name is Pastor Jim Daub, and I serve St. Paul Lutheran Church in Havelock, North Carolina. I have had the joy of being the pastor here for almost 18 years. On Sept. 13, 2018, our city was hit with the major brunt of Hurricane Florence. It was absolutely amazing to see the power …

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Main Street Living Media Ministry – February 2020

“Faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word of Christ.” Romans 10:17 Sharing that Word of Christ is what Main Street Living is all about! One of our regular viewers recently informed me that he and his wife set up a charitable gift with the LCMS Foundation, designating Main …

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